Nash TV apologises for ‘Go To Hell’ Soul Jah Love Post

Nash TV’s efforts to pay homage to the late Zimdancehall musician Soul Jah Love on Wednesday did not go off as planned for the social media-based television channel following an embarrassing auto-translation. The channel inadvertently committed a faux pas when its laudatory post was translated by Facebook to read, “Go To Hell.”

The issue started when Nash TV posted a thoughtful image of the musician, real name Soul Masaka, who died on Tuesday at the age of 31 from diabetes. The photo was inscribed,

Kings don’t die they multiply! You’ll remain a GOAT! Rest in power king.

Music was your way of expression and it helped us all go through our fates whilst nodding our heads to your powerful lyrical content.

Thank you for gracing this country with good music.

The touching tribute was accompanied by the caption “Ngwendeza”. The word loosely translates to the biggest boss. Unfortunately, Facebook’s translation algorithm twisted the laudatory message and translated the word to “Go To Hell.”

Nash TV Apologises For "Go To Hell" Soul Jah Love Post

Shocked social media users quickly took screenshots and circulated them, with some remarking about Nash TV’s callousness, given that the country is in mourning over the untimely death of the talented but flawed musical genius.

Thankfully, someone at Nash TV realised how the message had been unwittingly mistranslated and edited it to say, “Rest In Peace.”

Nash TV Apologises For "Go To Hell" Soul Jah Love Post
Nash TV Apologises For “Go To Hell” Soul Jah Love Post

To their credit, despite not being responsible for the translation error, Nash TV apologised for the faux pas. The channel wrote,

We apologize for the automated translation on our previous post. Tagadzirisa mutiregerewo. 

Social media followers of the channel applauded Nash TV for taking responsibility for an error that was not theirs. Below are some of the responses:

It’s not your fault. It’s people from Facebook who think they know all languages under the sun.

It’s not your fault, it’s just the manifestation of a typical example of what can happen when u give a tender to a grade 7 Student.

u don owe any one an apology ivo havaziv kut its automatic hre vanenge vana vemaChina vakadya zviremwaremwa its not ur fault biko.

It’s not your fault and you don’t owe anyone an apology vanhu vanonyepedzera kut vakadzidza asingazive zve fb translation ndian mxm.

Facebook should stop translating hayo coz iiiih

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