Ndemera dies

VETERAN sports journalist and former Dynamos player, Tendai Ndemera has breathed his last, robbing the space off some of the best guys ever to live.

Ndemera, gifted in more ways than one, was an excellent storyteller. He too was just too honest to survive many relationships. For me he was more than a fellow professional. I used to read his stories in newspapers when I was still in school. He was the magnet.

He would call me at odd times, sometimes just to tell me that he was proud of me and that I should start drinking beer because my qualities could not just be wasted on tea.

“You see Hopela, type yako iyi, neface yako haisi yekutambisa nekunwa tea chete, isu mumabhawa umu tichishaya maactors. Imagine tikaisa iwewe apo, Kariati (Michael) Kodza (Collin Matiza), Fidza Magwaza (MHSRIP), Gwindi (Leslie), changu cheblack chepaChakari (Robson Sharuko), tobva takanda Chopper (Simon Chimbetu, MHSRIP) funga hako kuti firimu racho rinenge rakabaka sei.” Ndemera would tease me on countless occasions.

“But mufana iwewe imbondiudzawo kuti waizvifambisa sei, coz copy rako iri raunonyora hariite kuti doro ritengwe? Rinoitisa noise pataundi. Shuwa ungataurire vanhu kuti bhora died a longtime ago, only that the funeral has taken too long,” he told me one day as we gathered for the traditional soccer stars of the year banquet.

Now all that voice is silent. The script is ended mid stream. The movie aborted. But why Bla Tindo? Now who would tell me how it was at Dynamos in the 70s, particularly 1976, I was just two at the time? Who would remind me that Cheblue (Dynamos) chauraiwa naMarriot (Bernard lusengo)? Who would tell me kuti media yauraya bhora? Ah zvakangoomawo hazvo.

Ndemera, gifted of craft would never shy away from telling us how journalism luminaries like Tommy Sithole, Jeff Nyarota, Dave Maruziva, Francis (FIM) Mlongwa, Bla Ndashito, Kindness KP Paradza, William Bango, Viv Maravanyika, Assel Gwekwerere, Big Sam Marisa, Sam Mawokomatanda Ancas should have a heroes Acre built for them….and he added, he will be the librarian.

Whatever that plan was, he has gone with it….and perhaps the plan too. Oh no death is a coward. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

Eish now that is all gone….gone too soon. Never mind in the prime of the 60s but nonetheless a time well lived. All those stories, who would tell us now? Charles Mabika? Maybe, The CNN can fit in the big shoes. He too possess the vast knowledge of the blue half club of Mbare.

Tendai Ndemera Rest In Peace My Brother…….you have left us high and dry. This 2020 year ummmm……from the menace of Covid-19 and the loss of the best. Let it close. It has devoured enough pearls. -Hope Chizuzu

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