Pre-planting producer prices announced

Own Correspondent

GOVERNMENT this week announced that the pre-planting producer price for maize is now pegged at $32 000 per tonne, up from $21 000; while traditional grains are now at $38 000 per tonne, up from $21 300.

The price for soya beans is now at $48 000 per tonne.

“This is a pre-planting price which will assist the farmer to decide on what crop to grow. It is also there to promote production of our own crops and increase raw material supply for the industry,” said the Grain Marketing Board’s general manager, Mr Rockie Mutenha.

He said this is also an import substitution strategy so that the country can redirect foreign currency to other projects.

He said the new prices are for bonafide farmers, not traders.

Mr Mutenha encouraged farmers on the Pfumvudza programme to take advantage of the early rains and start planting.

He expressed concern over isolated incidents of abuse of inputs for sponsored schemes and said GMB will not hesitate to report the abusers to law enforcement agents and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

“We have had some isolated cases of abuse of the Pfumvudza inputs by local leadership at ward level, Government officials and also by GMB staff. We discourage such practices and we are working closely with law enforcement agents and Zacc. We will take stern action against such matters,” he said.

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