Covid-19 update

The cumulative rapid screening and PCR tests conducted as at 20 July, 2020 are 103 291 (61 351 RDT and 41 940 PCR) inclusive of tests done at private laboratories. The country has now recorded 1 713 confirmed Covid-19 cases, compared to the 1 034 cases recorded as at 13 July, 2020. Active cases currently stand at 1 215.The number of those who have recovered has increased from the previously reported 343 to 472, while deaths have increased from 19 to 26.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases has risen by 65.6 percent in the past week from 1 034 to 1 713, while the cumulative number of confirmed local cases has risen by 204.9 percent from 286 to 872. Most of the local cases are in Bulawayo (490) and Harare (212). Preventative and control measures against Covid-19 will be intensified in order to avoid overwhelming the health delivery system through the mandatory and correct donning of masks. Government will be seeking to impose stiffer penalties for the non-wearing of masks.

President Mnangagwa will be issuing directives regarding the way forward in the management of the Covid-19 response.  The Government says that most of the Covid-19 cases are asymptomatic and can be isolated at home or in isolation facilities. On a related matter, Mater Dei Hospital, a private institution in Bulawayo, has developed and equipped an 18-bed Covid-19 critical care facility. The Ministry of Health and Child Care will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Mater Dei Hospital so that critically ill Covid-19 positive cases from the public sector can be admitted and treated at no cost to the patient.

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