Grade Seven pupil fatally stabbed over pencil row

In a tragic development, a grade seven student from Chipinge stabbed his classmate to death yesterday afternoon over a pencil.

iHarare has established that a 12-year-old grade 7 student (name not supplied) from Mwacheta  Primary School in Ward 16, Chipinge stabbed to death a fellow Grade 7 pupil with a knife.

Confirming the unfortunate incident, Mwacheta head, James Chigugudhlo said the grisly incident happened on Tuesday afternoon when the pupils were coming back from school.

The 12-year-old  allegedly stabbed his fellow classmate with a knife on the heart on their way home from school following arguments over a pencil.

Ward 16 councilor Raphious Maphahla who spoke to Masvingo Mirror revealed that the fight also involved the young pupils’ elder brothers from a nearby secondary school.

“As the two fought, the one who was being overpowered called on his brothers who were coming from a nearby secondary school and the brothers urged their sibling to stab his classmate with a knife on the left side of the chest,” said Maphahla

The 17-year-old was unfortunately confirmed dead upon admission at the Chipinge District Hospital. He died due to excessive bleeding after he was stabbed once in the heart.

The suspects were later picked up by the police for questioning after they had fled the scene.

Meanwhile, councilor Maphahla urged the community to keep children away from dangerous weapons.

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