Civil servants accept 41% salary increase


Civil servants have accepted the 41 percent salary increase by Government, including allowances, with teachers getting an additional 10 percent risk allowance, breaking the ongoing impasse.

The latest increase will see the least- paid civil servant earning about $14 500 while the lowest-paid teacher will earn a little over $18 000.

Most teachers will now be returning to duty after the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta), the largest and oldest teachers union, yesterday advised all its members to return to work while the association continues to press for improvements in conditions of service.

In a statement, Zimta national secretary-general Mr Tapson Nganunu Sibanda said they expected teachers who live at or near their schools, or at least in the same town or city, to be back in their classrooms this week while the association expected those that have a long way to travel to report as soon as they had received November salaries and so had the money for transport.

Teachers should contact their schools and tell them when they will be reporting for duty and why there might be a delay. The education authorities already knew about those who needed to get their salary before travelling long distances.

In an interview yesterday after a meeting of the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC), Apex Council chairperson Mrs Cecilia Alexander confirmed the deal. She said Government had increased the basic salary only, but they finally settled for increments which include allowances.

“We have agreed to a cost of living adjustment to be paid as follows: an average salary increase of 41 percent of the total package that is the basic salary, transport and housing allowances plus special civil service allowance. It is going to be effective from November 1, 2020,” she said.

Mrs Alexander said the bonus for 2020, which is paid over two months, was going to be based on the basic salary plus transport and housing allowances.

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