Covid-19 deaths continue to rise

By Enrico Maduba-Mnoko

Johannesburg: Deaths from covid-19 in South Africa have now reached 734 175 Infected cases. However, it is not known how many of these are from Zimbabwe or other parts of the world since South Africa is the only country in Southern Africa, with the highest number of foreigners.

However, the Zimbabwean Ambassador, David Hamadziripi, said the South African Government had not yet informed him how many Zimbabweans, have died or are infected.

“Our Embassy has no idea about how many people have died or have been infected by this disease because the South African government does not release figures or nationalities of those affected.”

He said during the Covid-19 lockdown, the only thing the Zimbabwean government did was to assist our nationals by releasing information on the repatriation of those who had died.

Hamadziripi added that the information from the embassy, included what documentation and steps were required when repatriating bodies.

“Even if there is such evidence, we still haven’t seen it in newspapers,” he said.

However, Zimeditors has been informed that two family members from Victoria Falls, Mrs Senzeni Mele Ndlovu (45) and her sister, Thabisile Mele Ndlovu (37) have died of Covid-19 at Baragwanath hospital, west of Johannesburg.

Senzeni left behind three children and her husband while her sister left one child. Both are now in quarantine.

Zimeditors, is also informed that a Zimbabwean journalist, Wanisai Maromo has been affected, so is the chairperson of the International Cross border Traders Association, Dennis Juru. However, Juru has so far recovered. Zimeditors could not reach out to Maromo to find out his condition.

Since the lifting of lockdown regulations from level three to one, most people in South Africa, including some Zimbabweans, are not following regulations on the wearing of masks, practicing of social distance or following hygiene requirements.

A survey conducted by Zimeditors in Kempton Park, a suburb situated east of Johannesburg and near the largest airport, Oliver Tambo International, proved that most people there are not following the regulations.

Those interviewed said the face masks made them feel uncomfortable.

A bar lady at one of the restaurants in this area, Ms Candis Mango said every day, patrons to her restaurant, were breaking the regulations.

There was no immediate comment from the South African health department spokesperson, Popo Maja on how many foreigners have died or are infected by Covid-19.

South Africa, is the largest country in Southern Africa with the highest number of foreigners, who fled their countries for various reasons.

Dr Eddie Mahende, an economic analyst, said even though businesses had been given a green light to operate in South Africa, not all of them are functioning fully.

“As a result of this, not all people are back at work and it will take time before the situation gets back to normal,” he said.

But another Zimbabwean citizen living in Johannesburg, said the lifting of the ban is not helping in any way since most people are still struggling.

In South Africa, it is suspected that there are approximately three million Zimbabweans who fled their country either due to political and economic reasons.

Most of these people interviewed felt the increasing number of deaths and infections, might force the government to reintroduce strict lockdown restrictions.

They said if this happens, most of them will not be able to travel back home for the coming Christmas holiday.

However, the South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, who was expected to address the nation on the issue this week, dismissed these rumours.

This comes at a time when he was also in self-quarantine after suspecting that he had been infected with covid-19 during a business meeting last week.


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