Students urged to face the right people not Impala

THE social media was yesterday set ablaze by pictures and videos o university and college students demonstrating and threatening to shut down Impala Motor Spares in Harare in solidarity with their colleague and leade  Takudzwa Ngadziore, who is currently in remand prison.

Ngadziore was arrested last month by police for public violence and the case is still pending in court.

While noone begrudges the students for standing for their own, it they stand better advised to use appropriate means and direct their energy and anger to the right places.

For instance, there is no reason why they should targeting a vehicle spares workshop when they know who has Ngadziore.

After all, there the company is on record clearly stating the role it has played to date in cooperating with the law enforcement agents in the alleged abduction of Muchehiwa.  

It would in this case be fair for the students to confront those in power instead of a well-meaning corporate which is already fighting to stay afloat as the economy continues to shrink, providing jobs and sustaining families.

Impala Car Rental is into business and they hire cars to those who come and seek their services and as a service provider, they do what they are in business for.

Of course they keep the records but after the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa the company was asked to bring the documents by the police and the lawyer paraded all the documents during a press conference in Harare.

There is nothing the company can do besides cooperating with the authorities and law enforcement agencies who are handling the matter.

The students tried to shut down Impala Motor Spares in the capital would in such a situation not be doing their colleague nor themselves any favours as they also risk having to answer cases of trespassing and causing malicious damage to property.

One really wonders what ought be achieved by demanding Ngadziore’s release from Impala, in which case those behind his alleged abduction and those holding him now cannot believe their luck as they escape scrutiny which is now misdirected towards the company.

Recently the company lawyer Jivas Mudimu said they have handed over the documents to the police after they requested for it.

“We handed the file to the police after they asked for it. We are surprised to see people saying we gave false information. All we are doing is to cooperate with the authorities in making sure that perpetrators are brought to book,” he said.

He even said they respect the students’ plight and do not have problems if they engage them in a professional manner.

“We are a company that respect students and we have not yet received any formal communication from any student body demanding to know what happened?” he said.

Their plight though it might be genuine is now turned into activism and no one will soon listen to them.

Their evident energy is in this case better reserved for the real task of ensuring justice for Ngadziore, for Muchehiwa and every other victim instead of focusing on mere corporates.

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