Matemadanda visits injured soldiers in hospital

Own Correspondent

The Deputy Minister of Defence who is the ZANU PF Political Commissar, Victor Matemadanda last night visited two members of the Zimbabwe National Army who are admitted at West End Hospital in Harare, following a shootout with two assailants in separate incidents in Chivhu.
Corporal Peter Zvirevo and Corporal Stanalious Chiunye were shot and injured in two separate but connected incidences. Corporal Zvirevo was shot while he was in the police base at Chicken inn in Chivhu while Lance Corporal Chiunye was shot when he was with a team which was dispatched to track and capture the assailants. Both injured soldiers were transferred to Harare for further management.
Corporal Zvirevo is critical and is admitted in the intensive care unit after undergoing an operation. His partner Lance Corporal Mupanganyama was murdered in cold blood he died on admission at Chivhu General Hospital, while Zvirevo suffered multiple injuries.
Corporal Stanalious Chiunye was part of the army and police crack-team on an operation to arrest the two assailants when he was injured in a shootout with the duo that was eventually killed.
Mr Matemadanda visited the two soldiers following a similar visit by Vice President Chiwenga. Mr Matemadanda interacted with the injured wishing them a quick recovery.
Speaking after seeing the injured military men, he said, “I visited our gallant soldiers who tracked down bandits who attacked a police post and killed one of our unsuspecting soldier. True to their calling of being a people’s defence force, they tracked and tried to apprehend the bandits, who then opened fire injuring one of the defence forces.”
Mr Matemadanda said he was horrified by the loose talk of Biti and Mahere who downplayed the great skill of the soldiers calling their success extrajudicial killings.
“With due respect sekuru Biti, you are a lawyer yourself . I’m not sure of chakaherereka uyo. But for you , as a good lawyer you should have led the bandits to the law and order section since they might have been your clients rather than letting the armed force track them.” Matemadanda cynically said “Arresting an armed bandit who fires at you first and injure one of you after having killed and injured another soldier, needs a commando of sekuru Biti’s caliber to arrest without firing a shot and even firing a warning shot in the air.” But for our soldiers the best thing is to defend themselves and capture dead or alive.
Mr Matemadanda castigated all those who seek to find a fault in the operation to arrest the culprits. He urged Zimbabweans to have a unity of purpose. He warned those who trivialise terrorism and glorify bandits that the arms of law will not hesitate to discipline them. Zimbabwe must never be plunged in such crude evil attack on our military. There will be consequences, he said.

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