Government urged to provide specialised masks

By Enrico Maduba-Mnoko

 JOHANNESBURG: The Chairman of the Rural People With Disabilities in Zimbabwe, Mr Lazarus Chinhara, has appealed to the Government to provide children with disabilities, such as those with Downs Syndrome, with special masks during this covid-19 period since those they were being provide with, did not cater for their needs.

“We have further noted that firstly, children living with disabilities, those with Downs Syndrome are expected to put on masks, the same as people without disabilities. Some of the children drool into the masks, others chew the masks, and feel suffocated. Other children are hyper-active and will constantly touch or even remove the masks,” he said.

He appealed for specialised masks for these children. He said some of these children need to go for periodical reviews at health institutions and transport operators were not accepting them without masks which will be further problems as they are uncomfortable, since they cannot use ordinary masks.

Mr Chinhara said the parents of some of these children were finding it difficult to get them to reviews as right now there  is no  transport in rural areas and the few vehicles available want  payment in US dollars, which they were finding difficult to secure.

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