Zimbabwe faced with reality of regime change

By Dr Masimba Mavaza
The world has been fed with information that Zimbabwe is imploding and resembles a boiling three legged pot.
Social media has inflated the conflict in Zimbabwe. The stage for intervention by other countries has been set. From the social media misrepresentations, South Africa was forced to scramble a team led by
two senior politicians to set for Zimbabwe, to see for themselves the happenings in Zimbabwe.

Many Zimbabweans abroad are horrified by the news peddled by the haters on social media. What we learnt as Zimbabwe is that there is a force which is focusing on removing the democratically elected government. We have seen how America uses sanctions and sponsor opposition parties to recolonize nations. This is a regime change operation being overseen by America. In order for their actions to appear legitimate, America had to use the Zimbabweans as catalysts in this operation.

Regime change is a new and ugly name for an ancient process – the toppling of a ruler because he is assumed to be repellent or dangerous either to his own people or to their neighbours or to both. This
assumption is sometimes baseless as is the case of Zimbabwe. The regime change normally ends with lucky rulers in exile, the unlucky as mangled corpses like Mussolini, Saddam, Colonel Gaddafi, Samuel Doe and many others. In either case the people gain nothing but trouble. The reality of the matter is regime change is executed to the benefit of the foreign power. The tragedy of this operation is always there are nationals who are prepared to sell out and water their pockets with the sweat and blood of the people. Zimbabwe is faced with the evil reality of regime change. Whatever the government does or implement they are destined to fail.
Who decides that a regime needs to be changed?
The question is “who sets the moral standard. Who decides that a government is not fit for purpose and it needs removal. Why is this decision the express prerogative of the United States of America?
Certainly no standard is universally applied, the common thing used by America in the regime change is bullying. The narrative doing rounds in the social media is meant to set the grounds ripe for a forceful illegal change of government.
The world must be emphatic against any outside interference with rulers, good or bad. The people must be allowed to deal with their own problems.
There is protection of sovereignty in Article 2 paragraph 7 which rules out intervention in the internal affairs of a member state. This attitude is still strong today, but some countries are intimidated by USA to interfere with other nations. The history of fairness must make it difficult for any country to accept the concept of regime change.

We have noticed that America creates a storm in a country so that they interfere in the doctrine of humanitarian intervention. This is what Zimbabwe is facing now. The reason for all this noise being made by the opposition civic organisations and some churches is to give America a pervasive justification to intervene in the country. This may not directly aim at regime change but if successful can achieve it.

Surely Zimbabwe is under attack and those in the front line of this attack are our own citizens.
This is what America said in justifying its regime change jibe. “We did not send troops to Bosnia or bomb Kosovo with the specific aim of getting rid of Milosevic, but this was the side effect which we greatly welcomed. We did not attack Afghanistan in order to change the Taliban regime, but that regime held to their protection of Al Qaeda and their fall became inevitable. Similarly once Saddam Hussein had thrown away his last chance, our ambition of ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction had to involve regime change.”
Regime change is simplest when accomplished by the people who are ruled. The less blood they spill in the process the more likely the new regime will put down roots quickly and achieve a reasonable

United States involvement in regime change has entailed both overt and covert actions aimed at altering, replacing, or preserving foreign governments. In the latter half of the 19th century, the US government initiated actions for regime change mainly in Latin America and the southwest Pacific, including the Spanish–American and Philippine–American wars. At the onset of the 20th century the United States shaped or installed friendly governments in many countries around the world, including neighbours Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.
Therefore, any legal claim advanced to justify regime change by a foreign power carries a particularly heavy burden. Thus America tries all it does through nationals so that it will not be found liable.

Zimbabweans who are being fooled by the social media and those being encouraged by America should understand that in 1951, America imposed sanctions on Guatemala after their 25th president and revolutionary Juan Jacobo Arbenz Guzman embarked on a land reform exercise. So America has never forgiven Zimbabwe for embarking on land reform. On that basis it is agitating the people of Zimbabwe with the hope to anger them into a rebellion Remember that in 1951, the indigenous people of Guatemala took a brave stand and took their land, which had been shared among a few white families and USA and Anglo American Conglomerates. This
move by the Guatemalans did not go down well with the Americans and their allies and hatched a propaganda blitz demonising President Juan Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. The same propaganda is being unleashed on Zimbabwe.

This was followed by the imposition of economic sanctions and after 10 long years of sanctions and suffering the Guatemalan army ousted their president under the instigation of USA and their
conglomerates. This is what America has done on Zimbabwe. As Zimbabwe we must never allow America to use us against our on country. Zimbabwe needs you so do not be a weapon against your own country.
The Guatemalan army thought that only their president was the problem and after eliminating him they believed that sanctions would be removed, but USA told them that the embargo could not be removed since, they, the army was part and parcel of the old regime (the same old Taxi with a new driver). Is this not familiar fellow Zimbabweans?
America demanded free and fair elections in which they could contest with an opposition party, which was being sponsored by the USA. This is what they did to Zimbabwe. MDC is recruited from the indigenous people, but directed by the CIA.

So, what they needed to do was to reverse the land ownership rights to what they were on 31 December, 1950. This meant the return of land to the whites, before the sanctions could be removed.
They agreed to do that, but still sanctions were not removed. This is what Pompey is demanding from Zimbabwe. In his twitter he asked Zimbabwe to give the land back to the whites. He said Zimbabwe will suffer.
What America did to Guatamela is the copycat of what is happening to Zimbabwe now.
In Guatamala the indigenous people are living on 25 percent of their land while a few white families and United Fruit Company and other European Conglomerates occupy 75 percent of the land. Guatemala today is the biggest producer of the so-called Euro Banana. The standard banana, which is shipped to Europe at the cheapest price. The money from these products goes to USA and Europe leaving the Guatemalan indigenous people being one of the poorest communities on the planet. Is this what you wish for Zimbabwe?
A Zimbabwean writer stated that, “ Our situation in Zimbabwe is not so different from the one Guatemala experienced. The USA and its allies made it clear that no sanctions will be removed as long as the land ownership rights in this country have not been (reversed) and returned to the minority white Rhodies.”
It is in our own interest as Zimbabweans to remain united and support the ZANU PF government.
Zimbabwe is presented to the world as an unstable nation. People now think that Zimbabwe is boiling. This rumour of problems always come out when there is an international event. It is idiotic for Zimbabweans to tarnish the image of their own country.
There is no crisis in Zimbabwe and we must stand up and defend our nation.

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