ED in bad taste mortuary jokes

It wasn’t quite a quiet weekend in Zimbabwe with President Emmerson Mnangagwa delivering “one hell” of a mortuary speech that spelt out one hell of a competition…to be the first to die and be frozen in a new mortuary. Zimbabwe’s comedians quickly dramatised Mnangagwa’s mortuary speeches. “I put my hand into the mortuary fridge, very cold,” the comedians joked.

No one wants to be the first to die in any community and get a prize, just unthinkable! But the comedy also sickly suggested a very sick grandma be volunteered to die for the prize. That’s the bad taste in Mnangagwa’s mortuary speeches and jokes.

The government information department had a busy weekend putting out fires of the President Mnangagwa’s mortuary jokes. 

Instead of concentrating on the oncoming disaster staring Southern Africa, the coronavirus which has claimed many lives in China, Italy and many other nations, Mnangagwa focused on having cold mortuaries as if to prepare for the coronavirus victims.

His audience simply laughed as if their boss’s jokes were funny but upsetting hundreds of Zimbabweans who vented their anger through different social media outlets.

It’s not clear whether the ministry paid for the space or twisted the Sunday Mail Editor’s arm to get in Nick Mangwana’s over hundreds of words “bootlicking” and explaining the president’s sense of humour.

Mangwana decided to attack  Mnangagwa’s detractors as the best form of defence of the president’s mortuary jokes. 

As if not to be outclassed by finding joy and humour on the dead, Oppah Muchinguri, the defence minister might have gone worse or bad steps further praising and thanking God for slapping the West with coronavirus, although China, the source of the virus isn’t in the West.

She shocked Zimbabweans by announcing that the Western countries had been punished by God with the coronavirus for applying sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Some strange speeches coming from top ruling party’s elites…

Nick Mangwana’s job isn’t over yet, he might have to defend the Minister of Defence for rubbing salts on the Westerners who are busy with setting up measures to prevent disaster of the coronavirus.

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