Mpilo Hospital in the dark

By Hopewell Chin’ono‪

The incompetencies of President Mnangagwa’s government knows no boundaries.
‪Right now as you are reading this, one of Zimbabwe’s only five central hospitals, Mpilo Hospital, has NO power!‬‪Central hospitals shouldn’t rely on generators, but dedicated power lines!

‬‪This is what corruption does to Zimbabwe, this is why we flag it up daily, and ask you as a citizen with a stake in Zimbabwe to spread the message into your networks and families, both urban and rural! Some think that they are immune to this, you are not, because if you are in Britain, you will pay bills for your sick relatives in Zimbabwe.That money would have bought something for your child in Britain or South Africa, or wherever you are!This is what Mnangagwa’s incompetence and ZANUPF does to communities.That is the price we all pay, it is even higher when we fail to educate others!Here is the thing, Mnangagwa doesn’t care about all this at all, all he wants is to rule or kuita “kombai

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