Mthuli Ncube Has Failed

Any economic solutions that do not reflect on jobs created or a flurry of activity in the industrial estates will always remain a success on paper only.
Real economic growth is measured in jobs with the population paying employment taxes not crooked or hidden taxes. Mthuli Ncube’s
economic growth forecasts don’t seem to be concerned about employment creation, followed by index chain reactions, which should be seen everywhere not imagined.

This growth by a modest 3.1 percentage points in 2019 will continue to be on paper only, there’s virtually nothing to show for it in the economy. Some of these growth figures don’t mean much to the public unless you deal with real unemployment problems on the ground.

The cost of living is unbearable, the majority of food is still being imported from South Africa and the economy still heavily dependent on diasporan remittances.

It’s too early to sing any praises for the Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube, the country is still on its knees. He was head hunted to help kick start the economy not for preaching the insignificant and imagined growth. He came in as a hired economic magician and people expected “miracles as well” immediate benefits from this professor’s magic wand, instead bread and meat became unaffordable, worst of all the nation burdened by a two percent tax punishment.

Mthuli Ncube’s economic wizardry is now questionable: seen by some as a cheat. What made him accept such a heavy responsibility to jump start an economy from ground zero “naked” or without accompanying reforms? Naked, emphasised, because the international community are nervous about how to deal with Zimbabwe’s constant distractions such as corruption, targeted sanctions against the country’s who should be out of sight, renewed human rights abuses and killings, and fraudulent elections accusations in which the opposition is still claiming victory a few months before the start of campaigns for the next elections.

We are back to square one: what happened to government reforms? These were meant to clean up the pathway to the international community, before pronouncing Zimbabwe is open for business.

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